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Dave Crocker

P0002 Self Portrait 01.jpg

In May 2022 I was diagnosed with cancer and given a short prognosis. Having spent most of my artistic life painting projects that involved immersing myself into different groups and locations, acting more like a participating observer (a phrase taken from Kate Mose's wonderful "Watching the English" book, I have decided to paint my life. 

My values and philosophy 

"Paint what you see, not what you know to be there"

Mr Terry (My secondary school art teacher)

Fifty years later I still see new meaning in Mr Terry's words. I believe that painting is done as much with the eyes as it is with the hands.

"The painting isn't finished until the viewer sees it"

Eric Kandel.

I like that each viewer will see a painting differently using their own frames of reference, it enables me to paint lots of different versions of the same painting all at once. 

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