Church at Auvers-sur-Oise

I had had it on mind for sometime to do a painting standing at the same place Vincent van Gogh stood to paint the church at Auvers-sur-Oise. Also time lapsing it with the background scene and the painting on view. So during the evening of Sunday 28th July 2019 I thought shall I try in the morning or leave it till Wednesday. (Actually I hadn’t painted en plein-air for a while now and I was probably looking for an excuse not to do it) Anyway when the alarm went at 04:45 the next morning to my surprise I did get up and drove to the church. When I arrive sunrise is coming up to reveal a load of building works and a portable toilet in front of the church, affording me a second chance to leave it for another day. But I went for it, thinking I am here now. As the day progresses I think I hear one of the many visitors say “Today is the anniversary of Vincent’s death”. I think can that be right? Have I heard correctly? It is confirmed by several others later, some of whom are taking flowers to his grave in the local cemetery. Spooky.