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How I got into art

People often ask me how I got into painting.There are two people whose inspiration I must acknowledge. The first is my art teacher at Secondary School. I had no real interest in art but it was either that or pottery. All my mates were doing art and so that’s what I chose. Previous art teachers I had met just provided materials and the subject leaving me uninterested. Mr Terry was different. His lessons were full of fun and he inspired us to want to create art. The whole class passed O level art. With my first wage packet I bought art materials and I have been painting ever since. I made contact with Mr Terry recently and he was kind enough to say that he vaguely recalled me from his lessons. He claimed that he was unaware that he taught in any special way. Well it certainly was special toRead More

Montage Number 1

This is the first Montage of my Coast Path paintings. The music is Carbis Bay from The Path Album by the Show of Hands described on the CD cover as “An instrumental Journey around the West Country coastline. Thanks to Steve Knightley (Songwriter), Jane & Gwen for all your assistance and support.

Widemouth Bay Friday 26th April 2013

Here is the timelapse of my painting of Widemouth Bay on Friday 23rd April 2013.

Porthwrinkle Tuesday 23rd April 2013

Here is the timelapse of my painting at Portwrinkle on Tuesday 23rd April 2013.

Plymouth Sound from Plymouth Hoe Sunday 21st April

Here is the timelapse of my painting from Plymouth Hoe on Sunday 21st April.

Crackington Haven 27th April

Here is todays painting at Crackington Haven. Windy and cold at the start then showers but cleared to great day, fantastic location and nice people.

First Beach Bovisand Saturday 20th April 2013.

Here is my painting of the first beach at Bovisand on Saturday 20th April 2013. Great crowd here as usual today all really friendly and helpful as the wind picked up and I was trying to watch the easle and the camera tripod. This was the beach where I did the first painting of this project and the atmosphere here today reminds me why shortly afterwards I decided to do 365 in a year.

Ruined Signal Station, Gunrow Down, The Warren (Noss Mayo) 19th April

Here is the timelapse of my painting of the Ruined Signal Station, Gunrow Down on the Warren near Moss Mayo.

South Milton Sands 18th April 2013

Here is the timelapse of my painting at South Milton Sands on 18th April 2013.

Sunny Cove East Portlemouth 17th April 2013

Here is the timelapse video of my painting at Sunny Cove East Portlemouth on 17th April.

Torcross Tuesday 16th April 2013

Here is my time lapse video of my painting at Torcross on 16th April 2013.